About US

We started as a home day care in 2001 and after  receiving the Governor’s Quality Care Award we  decided to expand and opened  our day full service care center where more kids can benefit from our unique program .



our mission

We create an environment in which your child is eager and excited to learn and explore the world around . There is an endless assortment of activities that engage their interests and stimulate their minds. Most importantly, at the heart of every project and activity, there are a specialty trained teachers and an age-appropriate curriculum to lead the way. Children learn differently than adults. They need hands-on experiences and get-on-the-floor teachers. They need warmth and attention. They need enthusiasm and encouragement. Most of all, they need the joy and challenge of doing it themselves. That is what helps children to learn and grow, and that is our mission at ELLA STARS DAY CARE

*We give your child daily opportunities to explore and learn about the world through sensory experiences
*We teach your children through play and they learn playing at our day care
*We guide your children through the musical wonderland of knowledge called ABC Station, land of math, science, geography, astronomy and history
*We extend our invitation to children into our unique world of art and music, enriched with movement, dance and gymnastics
*This experience will stay with children forever, guiding them throughout their life
*We have a comfortable place to play and learn in
*Qualified help and counseling for parents
*All teachers CPR and First Aid Trained
*We focus on social, emotional, intellectual and physical needs