Our Program




Our Day Care special environment leads to early child development and esthetic education. Each child is specially treated and receives multiple opportunities to shine like a star. “Ella’s Stars” Day Care Center developed a combined program based on the best Russian and American highly recommended methods and leading theories in early child development. The “Ella’s Stars” curriculum is designed to address the specific needs of each age and stage in a child’s development. The goals of our program are to help children develop a positive sense of self, became active and creative explorers and in the process become enthusiastic learners. Our curriculum addresses goals in all areas of development.


Larisa-art_199x220_e19fcafe13708e72a82f31159fbfa29dOur day care center creates environment for positive thinking and good trait development. Children learn how to share, be
positive, help adults and take care of the little ones. We teach them to have respect to the grown-ups, love their parents and friends. To help children feel comfortable at the day care center, to nurture their sense of trust, autonomy and belonging our kids given daily opportunities to experience pride and self-confidence, to develop independence, self-control and positive outlook of life – this is our goal. Older kids are encouraged to help serve tables and participate in simple recipe cooking.




To help children become more curious, ask questions, describe their ideas, observations and feelings, we help children acquire problem solving skills and develop a love for learning by providing play opportunities enabling them to explore and investigate, construct, pretend and recreate, discover and document.
Early child development environment created in our Day Care Center, encourages logical thinking, independence and curiosity. The learning process is accomplished in the form of game, applying methods of sensory education.



Physical Education 

To help children develop their large and small muscle skills and to feel confident in using them we provide a set of physical activities. Every morning our kids have Morning Excersize that include coordination-building training. Once a week kids have Gym class and twice a week Choreography. Every day they play outside. On warm summer days they have fun in mini water park. Thus, everything is done to strengthen health and develop strong personality.



Our children study math, computer classes, reading, science, art, gym, music and dancing. Special attention is given to fairytale reading with role playing where kids train memory, develop speech. Twice a week children take music lessons where they sing songs, play musical instruments and listen to the music of world famous composers.”Four times”a week kids have a dance class. Great finality of all these efforts are holiday concerts and parent nights where children demonstrate all new that they have learned.